Poverty and Illiteracy: Two Enemies of our Nepal


Our nation Nepal is in the crucial mode of our history. Due to the lack of good counseling and education, our nation is in conflict between caste, region and egoism of the leaders. Every part of our nation is in revolution either in the form of racism or regions. Dalits have not been Dalit only by the Brahamin and Chettry. It is the system of nation that has made the people downtrodden in the society. The majority of the population in most part of Nepal is of Brahamins and Chhetries. If we have fair lens, we can see them both in power and in the street. Looking at the people who are in power is not fair to judge the whole community where they belong too. It’s true that Brahimins and Chhetries have been in power for a long time but there are so many suppressed Brahamins and Chhetries who have never had the flavor of power but only of poverty and illiteracy. To raise voice for the sake of poor and oppressed people is naturally fair but using them as a ladder to achieve the power in their hand is a crime. Our so called leaders have stimulated the people with wonderful dreams that can never be achieved is the reason of today’s problem. The enemies of our nation are only poverty and illiteracy but not castes and regions. Therefore, stop talking about caste, region but take the oath of our soil to nourish it and fill it with fascinating flowers that give off pleasant smell.

            We are lucky enough in the sense that we have had harmony between people of any caste. Let’s continue it till the existence of human beings but eliminate the poverty and illiteracy. I have never seen my nation poor but only the rulers who are ruling the nation seem as if they are beggar. If the leaders are committed to serve the nation as Mahatma Gandhi did in India possessing nationalistic feelings, within a decade our nation does not remain as a developing country but will be a developed one.   Let me serve some ideas that may help to eliminate the poverty and illiteracy. We do not have only fertile soil, but also flowing rivers as well as meadows and forest but lack honesty and morality in our leaders. Change the education system and fill each Nepalese with nationalistic feelings. Stop Nepalese youth to abroad for working in factories, industries and mines instead run industries and factories to give them employment in their own nation. No one goes abroad to work in the Arabian country leaving their family members and nation if they get job with handsome remuneration. Do not cultivate ignorant people with wonderful dreams to influence towards you. Keep to your words as Ram did in Ramayan. Our leaders who are ruling the nation should have positive attitude and work for the sake of people and nation. They should not spend the property of the nation for the sake of them only. To be President, Vice-President, Prime- minister, Speaker of the Parliament and Vice-Speaker of the Parliament and Home-minister is not the matter of power only, it is life long guarantee to survive in luxury in this material world. The declaration of such facilities given to the leaders is not rational. Why should the revolutionary Prime-minister Bhattrai not cut –up the facilities instead of adding them? They can do some types of business to earn their living.  I used to listen so many speech delivered by present Prime- minister Dr. Baburam Bhattrai for the sake of Nepali people but in reality every activities   that you are doing is supporting only to the bourgeoisie not  to the preliterate group who led you to the power. One Bhattrai entered the resident of prime- minister with empty hand and returned with nothing except his honesty and devotion to nation but next Bhattrai who used to claim as a revolutionary one and stimulated to the proletariat groups. I t does not suit to your revolutionary thinking. Next thing that the ruler should do is to run hydro electricity power in our nation with their own effort. Ask to each Nepalese to invest money in it as late king Prithivi Narayan did as the suggestion given by blacksmith in Gorkha. Indeed,the big amount of money can be collected and every family will be the owner of own. Stop smashing vehicles as well as other infra-structure of nation. Stop bandha forever and give constitution to the nation and put it into effect effectively. Powerful and powerless are equal in the eyes of law. Let the court itself free to give its verdict. Do not surrender to the Big- brothers. Solve your problem yourself and stop grumbling to others.

 Taking the expensive vehicle from the fund of nation and moving to the expensive resort ignoring to the Constituent Assembly is not fair. A true leader does not have his only kith and keen but also his followers who are always superior to him/her in the sense that a voter may not get any thing but by the vote s/he may be the president and prime minister. Therefore, it is the voter who never gets but gives. Salute them being responsible and work what you are supposed to be doing. Do not have greed of collecting property through illegal activities like bribery and corruption. Be honest and stand as a human being who has to give up everything that s/he posses now.

Give up egoism and spread your hands for friendship that give you only progress and success in the end.  In my understanding politic is like the clothes that we put on everyday. The aim of putting clothes is to cover our shame and keep our body safe from warm and hot. The aim of the politic is to serve the people, to develop nation and be a true good leader. If everyone gives up their egos and devotes to the nation, every problem can be settled within few hours.

By Chandra Kanta Pandit

Pashupati Mitra Secondary School, Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal



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