No More Disputes, Only Consensus


Nepal is a naturally, culturally and geographically rich country. She has everything like soil for cultivation, forest for timber and herbs, water for irrigation and drinking as well as for the production of hydro electricity, and fresh air for respiration. Having everything but not being able to handle them effectively is the cause of being backward in the field of science and technology. If so whom does the blame go? Indeed, it’s not the cause of general public but of the government.

The different revolution and the government either formed by kings or by Ranas or by the leaders of various political parties mostly seemed to be a failure.  Why? It is due to lack of education from the public side and selfish nature of leaders. Nepal has hardly got a true nationalist hero who can see all Nepalese from a single lens. Different revolution held at a different time for the sake of downtrodden people, and the slogans were chanted for them as well. Either the revolution of 2007 or dissolving the elected government of BP Koirala in 2017, and the revolution of 2036, or 2042, or 2046 or of 2062 and 2063 could not satisfy the subaltern group. They seemed to be self-centered and could not present themselves as their representatives to address what they promised before every revolution. More or less BP Koirala presented himself more revolutionary but lacked to aware the public when his government was dismissed. Though he was the strongest Prime minister of Nepal, King Mahendra’s coup falsified him. It’s because no public came to the street except a few leaders against his coup. If he could convince them, Mahendra could not dismiss his government. People used to be around the palace to dethrone him.

Krishna Prasad Bhattrai led government of 2046 seemed to be successful and shown him as true followers of Gita. In the same way Manmohan led government was a little able to convince Nepalese with a slogan afno gaun afai banau and started releasing allowance for elder people. King Gyanendra’s word, “I am not like my brother who sees happening without taking any reaction.” He also remained useless it’s because Girija Prasad Koirala with the cooperation of other political parties was able to dethrone King Gyenedra without bloodshed.    Prachanda and Baburam Bhattrai led government could do nothing though subaltern were hoping much from them and proved themselves as a barking dog seldom bites. They still talk about equality and freedom. Have they behaved to their cadres as they have done to their kids? They let their kids to study but lured the general one to raise the weapon. How a lad with a gun be similar to the chap with sound academic certificate and skill. It is just a utopia.

What the revolutions of Nepal at a different time proved that to do revolution is not a complex one but they could not keep to their word and results to failure in the end. Therefore, a true leader should not promise to the illiterate as well as subaltern with a false slogan. Let them tell what he/she can do when he/she can take the dipper of the nation in his hands.

What the problems are here in Nepal not being able to be advanced as our native countries. Mostly the thinking and lack of the actual plan of the leaders for the development of nation and not access to education from public sides are the actual causes that have not given outlet to the nation.  Nepalese castes, ethnicity, geography, culture and religions are not the problems. They are the glory of Nepal. Nepalese are living in harmony and should let them live as they wish. Though the  blame over  Brahmin and Chettries as superior castes and are suppressing the ethnic group seemed as true but in reality, if everyone judges it through the deep conscience find it what they thought was wrong. Why? It’s because 12.2 % are Brahmins, and 16.6% are Chettries. They are altogether 28.8% of total population according to the national census of 2068. Though most of the rulers were from Brahmins and Chettries, so many homeless, landless are seen in every corner of Nepal. The wrong practice of untouchable between castes is not fair, and it should be ended up.

Nepal can uplift her status as the Indian Prime Minister Modi said increasing tourism industry, access to education to all, generating hydroelectricity for using and exporting to foreign countries, using herbs for  pharmaceutical production and using the youth on own industry here in Nepal. Now political leaders should realize that political system is not the problem of Nepal. The main problem is their lens. Let the lens use properly to see the object clearly. It will be better to stop grumbling about federalism and other matter. Let Nepalese know the reality. Let them work and survive on their own muscle and sweat. The revolution is not the solution, but the real solution is the consensus.  They should give up their personal ego and keep Nepal and Nepalese in the center. Nothing is for stable. Even the scientific discoveries are changeable, though they are supposed to be fixed. The constitution that you declared should be for all and end the discrimination that is pervasive around us. No more disputes can tolerate Nepal and Nepalese. Let everyone realize their weight and promise themselves to be true Nepalese not as Bhotes, Pahadiyas  and Madhesies but as Nepalese. Let everyone realize as a human who is always ready to help rather than being the cause of hardship and the death of innocent people by blocking the medicine on the road, fuel at the border and everyday goods in the vehicles. Be human, behave as human and fulfill your duty and responsibility if not the innocent ones would come to the street to sweep you away either you are at street or in the Singhadaravar. They will be the master of their own. It’s being delay but not let it to be too delay.

-Chandra Kanta Pandit



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