Absence in the presence


Teaching profession has been challenging. I generally get haunted by a question why my learners cannot grasp the content that I deliver them time and again. I found its answer too. The answer is that those students who seem to have poor performance is due to their absence in their presence. Yesterday I asked my students how they know the matter. While engaging with them I share my experience of perceiving knowledge. The foremost point of learning is the listening. Listening is the first perceptive language skill. We learn to speak through listening. What we listen that we copy and start speaking. The second way of learning language is through seeing or observing what other are doing. We get knowledge. Without competency no performance is possible. The next way of perceiving knowledge is reading. When we read we get some information about the content.

Is the poor scorer’s absence in their presence? Indeed, yes. What absence and presence means here? You may surprise to know the fact. If you go to school and college and see the attendance of your kids, you find them present there. But ask at the moment what they learn at school and college, if they answer they are physically and mentally present. Those who are mentally and physically present, they can enrich them with the knowledge. But only physically presenter can perform nothing. They remain vacant. If you don’t believe it , try to put it into effect. But, how?

Let me share my experience here. Yesterday I asked students in the class “How far is Pokhara from Kathmandu?”No one answered correctly. Then I informed them that Pokhara is 200 km far from Kathmandu.While informing them I was trying to find out the absentees in the classroom. I was reading their faces. I noticed. I asked them again the same question. It was not difficult for them but four students in my guess remained silent. When the fifth one answered correctly, I told them that it was the cause of their poor performance. Then they realized.

What’s the job of a teacher? Is it teaching? Of course not. A teacher has to guide or facilitate to students. A teacher cannot teach but can show the way to walk. If a teacher can teach, he/she wants to make their every learner with sound knowledge. In the same class a student is full of competency and can answer every question he/she asks but the next one is mostly mute. Why? It’s because those who are physically and mentally presence in the class, they can perform the best but those who skip mentally, never achieve good score in the exam.

What’s the job of a teacher?

Mostly a teacher should find the way to stimulate to their learners. If someone cuts citrus fruit (nibuwa), ones familiar with its taste if sees, what happens? His tongue starts watering. So is the teacher’s job. Let’s make the learners like a man who has seen the cutting citrus fruit. I am sure; no one gets failure result in his/her exam if he/she is present while reading.

Chandra Kanta Pandit


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