sweet sixteen



Ms. Pratistha Lama celebrated her 16th birthday on August 3rd 2016 at Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu.

The theme for her birthday was “An Arabian Fairy Tale”.

As guests drove into the porch, huge billboards of Osiris, one of the Egyptian Gods greeted them welcome. Entering the pre-function area, the guests were awestruck by the decoration and the Fairy Tale photo corner with funky props where the guests, especially the youth had a gala time clicking selfies with the props.


Entering the main venue was a scene which could only be described as breath taking. Along the walls of Nepa-Duku were giant prints in Egyptian themes. Round table seating with beautiful table top candle stands out of a fairy tale, the main stage backdrop was a fiber fabricated set of tree pieces with flowing fabrics and enticing floral arrangements giving an ambience out of a Fairy Tale Book.pvd_6377The guests attending consisted of socialites, politicians, cine folks, friends and relatives from around the globe. The guests had to wait for some time for the Birthday Girl, but were presently surprised when she entered the hall dressed in a beautiful gold gown and tiara completing the tale of uniqueness looking like a princess just as in fairy tales escorted by two male models dressed in “Men In Black”complete with aviators, walkie-talkies and the works.

This was followed by a very innovated candle lighting and cake cutting ceremony. The cake itself was designer class. The Master of Ceremonies conducted the evening with Sauvé amidst lots of games, entertainment and laughter.

The entire family gathered for family photographs, but the guests had a lot to do, they were entertained by an audio-visual film produced showcasing the journey of 16 years of Pratistha.

Guests and friends crowded the Wish Tree, where they penned down their blessings and wishes for Pratistha and hung it on the Wish Tree.

Pratistha and her father had a FATHER-DAUGHTER danced with all present screaming and whistling for some more.

pvd_6229More entertainment followed with a dance troupe performing on Bollywood and Nepali numbers. Never a dull moment the entire evening with the Princess of The Day floating about and interacting with all the guests and joining all in a fun filled bash. Pratistha even did a special dance gig for the guests.


Free flowing mocktails and cocktails followed by a variety of snacks and a full spread of buffet. The theme for the evening even continued in the dining area.

Some of Pratistha’s relatives and friends came from across the boarder and across the world. Some of the relatives who were here especially for Pratistha’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash, stated that even in the United States of America they had not experienced such and ambience, arrangements and unique innovative activities such as in Pratistha’s Birthday.pvd_5933


All in all… this was one party all present enjoyed and appreciated and those who missed will never really come to know what they missed.

The entire event was conceived, styled and managed by Trends Events! As a matter of fact, the facebook page of Trends (trendsadvt) showed pictures being posted by Pratistha and family with appreciation & kudos to the TRENDS Team… now how sweet is that for a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD!



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