New Zealand as a preferred study Destination

  1. What makes New Zealand a desirable abroad study destination among the Nepalese students?

The main feature of studies in New Zealand is the availability of varieties of practical subjects like wine making, glass manufacturing, design thinking, fishery, prevention and infection care, wood manufacturing, agriculture, horticulture etc. besides the common subjects like business, IT, hospitality, travel and tourism etc. The studies of such subjects ensure the better and well-paid jobs either in New Zealand or in home country (Nepal). In addition to the subject variety, students are offered one year Job Search Visa (JSV) after completion of at least one year of studies in New Zealand. Students willing to settle down in New Zealand can stay back in the country with the possibility of permanent residency, which is another attraction for Nepalese students. Hence the world-class studies, rewarding work prospects and settlement are the reasons for the desire of Nepalese students to study in New Zealand.

How do you view the current Nepalese scenario for education in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a small country with huge opportunities for international students. New Zealand focuses on practical as well as job ready qualification with the unique possibility of work and settlement in the country. Nepalese students can get benefitted by the internationally recognized world-class education in different cities of New Zealand. This has developed an increasing trend of New Zealand bound students these days. Though the number of Nepalese students going to New Zealand is not that high, a quality flock of students willing to pursue their studies and career in this beautiful country is ever growing.

What are the basic plus additional requirements prospective students must fulfill?

Prospective students must fulfill academic, English and financial requirement to pursue higher education in New Zealand. Basic requirement for Diploma (Level 5 and Level 6) is 10+2 from Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and IELTS 6.0 whereas for Graduate Diploma/Postgraduate courses student should have done Bachelors Degree with IELTS 6.5.  Masters degree admissions may require few years of work experience as well. The financial requirement varies from course to course. Generally student should be able to demonstrate stable financial circumstances of the sponsors, the indicators of which are- sufficient income, adequate property and ample saving in the bank accounts or education loan from the banks.

What are the challenges that the students must be aware of while seeking for New Zealand Education?

Educational approach in New Zealand is different than that in home country. So students should expect the practically oriented studies there. The traditional quotient of learning may not work in New Zealand. Additionally, students should understand that they are primarily going to pursue their studies in New Zealand and should not over expect in terms of part-time earnings. If they earn their degree first, they will get plenty of opportunities to work in their Job Search Visa period. Students can undoubtedly work part-time while studying; however part-time earning will cover their basic expenses only.

Are there any benefits/career prospects that students can enjoy by virtue of their merit?

Of course, yes.  New Zealand is a clean, clever and green country, which always welcomes talented international graduates to be part of their work force. If a student can prove his/her capabilities in terms of studies or work, s/he will definitely fit into the job market of New Zealand. The world-class education in New Zealand not only enables them to work locally; they can shift to any part of the world to make their career bright and rewarding.


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