No More Disputes, Only Consensus

Nepal is a naturally, culturally and geographically rich country. She has everything like soil for cultivation, forest for timber and herbs, water for irrigation and drinking as well as for the production of hydro electricity, and fresh air for respiration. Having everything but not being able to handle them effectively is the cause of being […]


Yogacharya Swami Yoga Subodh    (Dr. Subodh Simkhada)                                       Email:   “Om Sahanavavatu, Sahanou Bhunaktu, Saha Viryam Karavavahai, Tejasvina vadhistamastu Ma Vidvisavahai”                                                                   […]

How to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill

Language is a means of communication.  Every language has four skills. They are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening and reading are reception skills whereas speaking and writing are production skills. In the same way listening and reading are input whereas speaking and writing are output of language. It is believed that without listening, speaking […]

Body, a social construction

 Body and beauty are social, political and cultural construct. Body is used as semiotic in the consumer market. The idea of beauty is male perspective. Therefore, body is a social cultural and political rather than biological. Foucault holds that bodies are constituted within the specific nexus of culture or discourse-power regimes.  Foucault therefore, claims that […]

Poverty and Illiteracy: Two Enemies of our Nepal

Our nation Nepal is in the crucial mode of our history. Due to the lack of good counseling and education, our nation is in conflict between caste, region and egoism of the leaders. Every part of our nation is in revolution either in the form of racism or regions. Dalits have not been Dalit only […]

तिहारमा महंगी

तिहार सुरु भएसँगै काठमाडौंको असन, इन्द्रचोक लगायतका ठाउँहरुमा अत्यधिक घुइँचो बढेको छ । तिहारको...

परामर्श व्यवसायीलार्इ शुभकामना दिदैँ नेकपाका नेता

नेपाल शैक्षिक परामर्श संघ इक्यानले दशैं तिहार छठ विशेष शुभकामना अादान प्रदान कार्यक्रमकाे अायाेजना...

तातोपानी सडक पुनर्निर्माण हुने

विसं २०७२ वैशाख १२ को विनाशकारी भूकम्पपछि बन्द भई सुनसान रहेको चीनसँगको एकमात्र तातोपानी...